Valparaiso - The Romantic City - Feel Good World Trip

Valparaiso - The Romantic City


Spontaneous Trip to a Dream Town

After I explored Santiago for a couple of hours I was already satisfied and headed home for a rest. Tired from the jetleg I thought that I leave it at that for today and go to bed. Lara, a friend from the hostel, showed me a few pictures of a city near by where she wants to stay for one or two days. Colourful buildings, street art and a hilly city next to the coast... in short: A place that I definetely have to visit! Fighting against the tiredness I follow Lara to Valparaiso.

We arrive in the evening and look for a hostel on the off chance. Except the amazing views at the city there is nothing really colourful like I saw at the shown pictures.

Things extremly change as the sunlight touches the walls of the houses. Now Valparaiso becomes art.
Have a closer look and see the houses with frets. This is Spanish architecture!
People put a lot of effort in decoration as well.
The difference between Valparaiso's and Santiago's street art? Less tags - more art!

Small surprises on every corner...

This reminds me of Japan.

Hanging out with the locals...

You can definetely spend a day just to get lost in the labyrinth of alleys and get sucked in a whole new world.

This building is authentic for the sides beyond Chile's glamour.

The markets are usually cheeper than the supermarkets in Chile. Shopping is way more fun here!
Because I couldn't wash my food somewhere I was allowed to do it inside the house of the sellers. What an amazing chance! I could see an example of Chilenean housing.
Recycling - A great statement to the world from a so-called threshold country.

This town is dominated by stray dogs... which means the public area is their home place.

The funicular cablecar - A famous sight of Valparaiso

Indeed taking the stairs up the hill is way faster, however it is for the experience.

Also famous: Valparaiso's trolley buses

At dusk the last rays of the sun painted everything from air to water in red light.

Actually I haven't seen a single homeless so far...
Why do they import German fire brigade vehicles??
Kitchen of my hostel - Small and providing a family atmosphere

Today we visit the former prison of Valparaiso, learning something about the history.

What's this?? A garden?
A cultural centre?? I mean, I appreciate the practical way of using the old facilities, but at least some provision of history would be nice...

After a local meal we head back to Santiago.
This is no screen or a TV documentary, I'm here and this is all real!

After this amazing trip I have to say that I definetely will come back to Valparaiso later on, because there is so much more to see. Also my perspective will change when I get better in my Spanish and can get deeper into the culture by talking to the locals. Now I am going to enjoy Santiago for some more days and prepare for my next big goal: Patagonia!

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