Santiago - The Entrance to a New World (Part 2) - Feel Good World Trip

Santiago - The Entrance to a New World (Part 2)


Santiago's City Centre

Welcome to a second Spain. Buildings are white and beautiful, lots of shops and street markets fill the centre with excited people. Confident businessmen pass by and give me the impression: "This country is blooming!" Enjoy the experiences that I caught in my pictures.

Did you actually realize that most of the people are white? I expected something different from Latin America.

A traditional drink in Chile with grains and peach - Mote con huesillo.

Next stop is at Cerro Santa Lucìa for an amazing view over the CBD.

These two guys, Jacob and Blossom, inspire me a lot!

This is a castle ruin on top of the hill.

This is what I love about being here - You've got an awesome view on Los Andes!

Another day walking around in the CBD. My friends know pretty much about where to go, so I just follow them and relax.
This is the Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art. Here you can see provoking and fascinating artworks. The most impressive piece was the "Blind Movie".

Getting out a bit of the CBD and back to the more authentic areas... 

It's so strange... there is a public cleaning service which even wipes off tags from buildings, but some areas seem to be left behind.
As time passes by a have to seperate from my new friends again and prepare for my own trip. Thank you so much Jacob, Blossom and Nils for the wonderful time that I could spend with you. My horizon expanded once again from meeting people from all over the world.
05.05.16 - Week 32

I slightly realize now how much the applications for the universities and jobs in Japan distract me from enjoying my stay here. After all this traveling my time really ran out. I have to decide now what to do, because I don't want to stop improving in my life right now. That is why I decided to go at the end of May back to Japan and look actively for jobs which is way easier than doing it abroad. After that I will come back to Germany and apply for my Work-Visa and organize everything to move to my current dream country. It will be a big project in my life, even bigger than the world trip, so I have to put all my energy in this to eventually launch it. Wish me luck!

But first of all I will enjoy the last weeks here in Chile. Next stop: Patagonia

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