Santiago - The Entrance to a New World - Feel Good World Trip

Santiago - The Entrance to a New World


Welcome to Latin America

I'm nervous... it has been a long time since I traveled alone, plus the country isn't supposed to be safe and I didn't practice any Spanish during my stay in Australia. Many anxious thoughts whirl around in my head when I enter the airplane. There is also a part inside me that can't hold its excitement for the next great adventure. The next stop is Chile... and this journey will once again change a lot of views that I have from this world.

Short stop in New Zealand before I will have a long flight cross the Pacific.

25.(actually 26.)04.16
Today is my birthday... like yesterday. Crossing the dateline has it's benefits.

At the airport a dog passes the luggage of the people... and it found my nuts!

A wall seperating a kindergarden from the outside... just for safety.
Welcome to Chile Lindo Hostel! With facilities that beat the Australian ones for a heavily cheeper price!
... And staff that helps you with all your problems!
I can't believe what amazing people I meet in the world. I celebrated my birthday in Australia and now in Santiago as well. 
Unexpectively I get know of some Japanese, my most favourite people. They warm my heart the most in this lone world.
26.(isn't it the 27.)04.16
Three story beds... some hostels even have six levels!
This is a classic view that you have in Santiago when you are not in the CBD. First impressions: "Why is everything so grey?? God, why is it so cold here!?". Even though Santiago is on about the same latitude as Sydney, temperatures are much colder on average.
From a large street market to European like shops, Chile has it all! This example reminds me of "post East Germany - upcoming capitalism" malls that I slightly remember from my childhood.
Street artists literally go on the street and perform in front of the drivers at the red light period. Mostly there are jugglers, but if you are lucky, you will see some cheerleaders, giving their best in less than a minute.

(seriously, what is today!?)04.16.
Some more exploring of the area before the CBD
Chileans are nice and helpful. This guy activates my new SIM-card.
Empanada - Popular food in Spanish speaking countries.
Clever... this idea helps people who don't have a permit to clear up fast when the police is coming.
Then I spent a couple of days in beautiful Valparaiso... I learned to love this country there!

These vehicles are not rare on the streets.
Santiago won a soccer competition. The result is shown on this picture. They dance on a monument, sing, put on fireworks, but nobody is escalating! Everything is under control and I can sit with my dinner next to the crowd, enjoying the melodic atmosphere.

This is the CBD. Huge historic architecture rises around you.
... Right next to modern buildings. It still looks different from Melbourne.
Iron Man on vacation!! Who expected him to be here!?
Plaza de la mondeda
... Protected throughout the day by the police.

Those are my impressions of Santiago de Chile. It shows really well that Chile is the 40th richest country all over the world. Can you call it a threshold country? I don't think so. A very good experience of mine are the first 'real' poor people that I have ever seen. They fight to survive. I saw a man with one arm that tries to run his market as good as he can. Handicaped people don't receive any money from insurances or something, this is serious. It changes something in me. If I weren't so busy right now I would like to see more of all this. The reason why I don't see it? That's for the next chapter!

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