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Patagonia Chronicles - Torres del Paine


Beating my Personal Best

Before I went off for Torres del Paine, I met two new friends: Yo and Cira. We are a wicked team: A German, a Spaniard and a Japanese! This is an honour that I only have when I travel. Follow us on our journey which is almost as good as Lord of the Rings!

Even though it is early, with our heavy bags we don't keep our warm clothes on for long.

 There is one path that leads through the best spots of the National Park.
We are a good team!

This colossus seems to be very close, but it is still very far!

 Short break... in style. Sitting makes us realize how cold it really is here.
Last stop at civilization. One staff from the hotel equipes us with chocolate!!

 It's time to climb the mountain!
 Like it is breathing...
 We follow a stream with drinkable water. 
 The temperatures indicate that we have winter here, but the trees' period is about the middle of the fall right now.
 Cira wants to give up...
 From now on we walk next to a gulch.

 Horses as a mean of transport have to pass this narrow trail everyday. It looks so dangerous how they step on the border of the path every time, but still they are under complete control of themselves.
 It's a long road, but every single meter is worth it!

That Japanese beauty!

Finally we reached the camping place deep in the mountains. From here it takes only an hour to reach the legendary towers.
 Cira has to rest, so only Yo and I take the last part and watch the sunset. But we don't walk the path. This is the most exciting part of the tour! 
 And there we go for the crown of the National Park, where everyone seeks for: Torres del Paine! From our spot the towers rise 2000m more. The sun went down at our position long ago. 

Sadly after this picture my camera went out of charge. Luckily Yo and Cira had cameras as well. I still haven't received the pictures from them. Basically below the mountains there is a shining blue lake which is the spring of the stream. In the morning we went to the viewpoint again to see how the sunlight starts to touch the towers from our side... looks like 'The Lion King'. 

On the 09.05.16 we returned to Puerto Natales and I prepared for my last stop in Patagonia: Perito Moreno. But this adventure will be part of the next chapter!

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