Patagonia Chronicles - Preperations for a Adventure - Feel Good World Trip

Patagonia Chronicles - Preperations for a Adventure


The Subantarctic

Full of excitement I start my one-week-trip to the south of Chile where the temperatures are mostly around the freeze point. Beautiful landscapes and cool people are waiting for me here. In the first chapter you will get an overview of the city vibe and the common view of Patagonia. Enjoy!

That's an amazing view! Covered with glaciars... just kidding, that's what I thought in the first place.
Everybody's journey starts in Punta Arenas, the most southern city of Chile. People dress here similar to Germany: basic colours, mostly black and grey. 

It's very lone and peaceful here.

 It's so cold here, even the street lights freeze!
 Still things are on their move here. Acrobats try to get new people for their crew on the street and excite a lot of pedestrians. 

My beautiful hostel

Today I will head to my second destination of my Patagonia journey: Puerto Natales. There are buses going to any big city, connecting to the towns of Argentina. However a transfer between the lines doesn't really exist.
 Patagonian vegetation is basically from tundra to forest with small trees.
 In comparison to the modern look of Punta Arenas this town looks more left behind. 

 Oh yeah, Chilean supermarkets produce their bread themselves. Fresh and warm bread is guarantied. 
 Clear water and Los Andes in the very far... near from Puerto Natales there is are natural treasure hidden.

 A little bit away from the shore Flamingos relax throughout the day.
I tried to get as close as possible to them.
 Coldness can hurt...

Today I start a trekking tour to Torres del Paine, a place that is famous all over the world. We have to get up really early to catch the bus.

Completely tired I get out of the bus to face a new challenge. I am well prepared for the cold temperatures and confident enough to face the rough wilderness. Now I just have to enjoy what the nature has prepared for me. See it on the next chapter!

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