Patagonia Chronicles - Glacier Perito Moreno - Feel Good World Trip

Patagonia Chronicles - Glacier Perito Moreno


A Wonder of the World

For one week I decided to travel around Patagonia to see things that I have never seen before. My last stop is at El Calafate. Here you can follow my route. To visit the last spot I have to cross the border between Chile and Argentina. 


When I reached the town I tried to do hitchhiking, but I was too late. 

Argentina is a bit more expensive than Chile. To save money I camped the last days a lot instead of sleeping in hostels. Here I can stay in the building of the bus station, but only if I sit while I sleep... challange accepted!

Seriously, a Latino?? In Patagonia lots of Germans settled down in the past. Her grandparents came here a long time ago.
 In the distance you can see the glacier Perito Moreno. This is what I am here for!

Just a picture on the wall?
... A dream landscape
A glacier with a width of over 5 km and a height up to 70 m... even standing a couple of 100 m away from Perito Moreno doesn't make me grasp the size of it.  

Beautiful blue colours (probably because of minerals) shine from the edges of the glacier.
Ice breaks out every 20 minutes. Remember, the glacier is 70 m high, so this ice stream is about 20 m large.
Two different lakes converge.
Because the glacier has a lot of furrows, every crack sounds like a thunderstorm. You have the feeling that the glacier explodes in every moment.

Now it is time to cross the barrier and have a closer look at the natural beauty.

Scroll up again and try to comprehend the size of the smaller ice wall in comparison to the real glacier. This one is about 15 m high.
Ice forms landscape...
This is as close as I got, but I'm still more that 50 m away from Perito Moreno. I still don't understand the real size of it!
The colours of the harvest mixing with the white and blue of the glacier... gorgeous!
My time runs out. I have to be at the airport in the morning of the 13th and I am not sure if I can rely on the buses here. So my only option is: Hitchhiking! With my messy Spanish ìt's not a real fun trip. but was a nice experience though. Thanks to friendly lift I will be able to reach Punta Arenas quickly.

After one day resting in Punta Arenas I move back to Santiago. I will only stay there for one night, because I want to use my last week of my world trip effectively. That is why I jump in a bus on the 14th that brings me to San Pedro in the Atacama desert. 

Patagonia was a wonderful place that made me fall in love with the Chileans. Especially in the freezing south their hearts radiate more kindness which made me feel warm and safe. I am grateful that I was able to meet the people down there.

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