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Tasmania - The Green Heart of Australia


Below Down Under

Pretty unexcited about the flight Saori first struggles to go off the main island. This place is a long-term goal of her, a dream that I personally can't sympathize with in the first place. I soon find out what I could have missed! We planned one week for the heart-shaped island south from Melbourne. Enjoy our impressions from the smallest state of Australia!

We arrived at Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. The harbor town's flair forces us to seek for a seafood restaurant... not just once.

 Tasmania is green... sometimes it reminds me of Germany.
 The "MONA" - A museum that touched me, I have to say that I was really frightened at some parts.
"Fat car" - A reminder of the developement of our modern society.
 The topic of the current exhibition: "Sex and Drugs". What I like about all the artwork is the social critisism which really lets me think about my thoughts and experiences. After all this topic has a lot of unknown aspects for me that will keep me busy for the next years.
 Plaster cast of over 70 cunts. This is a huge step of equalization between the genders! Men never had a problem with instrumentalising their genitals, for women this often means something inappropriate. The mentality has to change. 

A tramp which can be used by adults!!
Check-out date, time to hire a car at the airport. Before that we do some tinkering.
 First time hitch hiking on purpose - What an excitement!
It didn't work out... so we have to stay in Hobart for now.
 Another massage lesson.

 This is where we camp for the next days.
Because it is weekend, Hobart gets active and we can enjoy the city from different views.  

After the Saturday's market we go to Battery Point, the historic site of Hobart.

Lots of people have boats here. At the weekend they spend their time with friends and family on it.

Aboriginal art gallery
Visit of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Here we find everything about the history of the state. From eradicated animals to settling and culture. This scary plush cat was used for puppet shows.

Tasmanian lifestyle

Today we go on a sailing tour for just 30$! The Lady Nelson is run by volunteers who like to take you to a small adventure on the sea.

Trust me, you feel so great!
The boatmen are too friendly! They let me help out and explain me some interesting facts about sailing!

One day I want to do my own sailing journey!
Week 28

Today I climb Hobart's Mt. Wellington with its 1271 m. Sounds not so exciting like Fuji-san. 
What I see up there is marvelous. Nature in a complete new formation!
Those rocks look small, but each has a diameter of 6 m.
I made it to the summit in 3h... Google maps said I need 4.
It is windy and freezing up here! If you don't move, you will become an ice block!

For some reason the number of trees decreases rapidly the closer you get to the pinnacle.

Today Saori and I go to one of the most gorgeous places of the world: "Wineglass Bay". Therefore we booked a tour that departed a bit too early for me...
Short stop at a family that runs some kind of a kangaroo farm. This little champion will grow as high as I am... and then you shouldn't mess with this guy anymore.

... nature... Tasmania is awesome!
Next short stop at a historic bridge for traders. The spiky stones were for the cattle that they don't try to escape from the sides.

Freycinet National Park - Vast nature and the famous bay hidden inside.

I am always surprised what nature can create...

There it is... one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Too bad, it is too cold today to go swimming...

There is a famous route around the national park that can be walked in 3 days. 

Today is departure day. We saw our shuttle bus departing right in front of us, forgetting me and Saori. But we were lucky! The owner of our hostel gave us a lift to the airport so we could reach our flight in the last minute. Special thanks to Transit Backpackers!

Tasmania surprised me. When I first had thought that I wouldn't find anything special here, I found a breathtaking scenery, extremely friendly people and a maritime culture that cooled me down. Of course the temperatures might took part in that process as well. One week here is definetely not enough. But the time is running and there are only 10 days left of my journey in Australia. The last big stop will be at Sydney, the biggest city of the huge country. Before that we will arrive in Melbourne and enjoy the city for two more days.

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