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Sydney - The Last Adventure of Australia (Part 1)


Welcome to New South Wales
After a long night bus tour Saori and I arrived in the largest city of Australia in the early morning. Mixed feelings come up when we see the first buildings of the city centre. But all the thoughts about the soon seperation are killed by our fatigue and the wish to arrive in our hostel quickly.

Coogee Beach, our hostel is next to it!!

After this epic picture I disabled my shoulder for the rest of our stay. Until today I always underestimated waves.

The atmosphere is so different from Melbourne. It is warm and humid throughout the day.

Today we head to Bondi Beach, the most famous one of Sydney. From our location there is a path along the coastline which I really recommend you to walk! There are lots of trails throughout Sydney.
Mostly Sydney's coastline is shaped by cliffs. Houses are built on top of it to have the best view at the sea.

Waves get bigger as they face the rocks instead of the flat beach. It looks smaller at the picture.

Short workout at a public fitness ground.

A huge graveyard right next to the rising cliffs!
After a relaxed walk and lots of photo sessions we finally arrived. The weather in Sydney changes rapidly during this season... still it remains warm.

In my opinion this is pointless... nice colour compilation though!
A dream of Saori - The restaurant that only serves seasonal dishes.

Not so expensive and a sense of sustainability.

Today I start my first self-made surfing lesson... with one functional arm... without knowing ANYTHING. You can imagine why I chose a picture without any action, because the others are too embarrassing...
... Lets just say I improved.

Today is the first time that we explore the city centre. I get a complete different feeling when I am here than at Coogee and Bondi... it is like traveling to another city.
The harbour bridge - A jogger's training session
You can climb on top of it for having an awesome view.
Proposal alert!!

And there it is! The landmark of Australia. The great Opera House!
This is how it looks like altogether.

A ferry station. Ferries belong to the common public transport here.
Short stop at the Royal Botanical Garden

Sydney is beautiful. The junction to the sea is the central spot where all the life establishes around it.

Speaking of great views, the skywalk tower in Sydney is 70$ per person! Why not going to any other skyscraper for free?

This is the time when I realize that I won't get Saori back.

Welcome to the Luna amusement Park. Because there is nothing really interesting to do, here an ugly face compilation:


At last we cross the Harbour Bridge to have an awesome view at the city and the Opera House.

I have to be honest, I couldn't decide now which city I prefer: Sydney or Melbourne. The people always have a fight about it, trying to set their town in the spot light. In my opinion those cities can't be really compared, because they have complete different characters.
Half of our time here is over already. The closer we get to the last day, the more we learn to enjoy our time together. Next time we will visit an event of the Opera House. Don't miss it! 

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