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Sydney - The Last Adventure of Australia (Part 2)


Old School Meets Modern Society

The last chapter of my Australia journey is an anniversary. Since 7 months I travel already. So many memories whirl around in my head, experiences that built up a fundament for my further life. The distance that Saori and I traveled during the last months is shown here. I get proud when I realize what I achieved. Now back to Sydney. After we gathered an overview of the city centre, we start to explore it properly.

Week 30

Today we are going to enjoy the night life of Sydney. On every corner there is something surprisingly interesting.

With this treadmill you can charge your mobile phone! My first thought: Abandon plug-sockets!! People did more sports or used their phone less, also this would be a great statement for sustainability.
What a beautiful place with so much harmon... what's up with this guy!?

Today we make a dream come true: We visit a classical music programm at the Opera House.
The guests will be invited to a cup of tea and coffee before the actual programm starts.
In this legendary concert hall people wrote history.
We will listen to pieces of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, the luminaries of the classical music. Saori and I got the last two seats when we reservated, we were so lucky!

Short stop at Guylian - the Belgian chocolate cafe
St. Mary's Cathedral
The building is way bigger than Melbourne's cathedrals


Better take it serious...
Today we check out the oldest and most lively district of Sydney: the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) area.
You feel like beeing in London... the people of Sydney are proud of the retro-fashioned atmosphere they can provide, even as a very new settlement in history.
Inside the QVB there are extraodinary shops which make you feel like you are part of the royal lineage.
Hotels, bars, restaurants... everything in this district remains old-fashioned. I love it! 
A demonstration for equality in marriage.  
Last stop for today is the Powerhouse Museum (Science and Arts)
Great inspirations are presented here...

The first moon stone I have ever seen!

This is a zero-gravity simulator. I really got dizzy inside there!

This is the last day in Australia, this is the last day that I had with Saori. It is a very emotional day and I kind of feel strange to leave for another country without any preperation.

After the three month trip through such a big country I have to say that I definetely needed some more time to see and do everything that I wanted to. But Australia is not that much different from Europe except the awesome weather. So spending more time in "Second Europe" would be a waste of time in my opinion. Of course I have to say that having a traveling partner changes the view on things. I personally focused too much on Saori and missed a few things here instead. So for my further trips I will rather travel alone again or do short trips in groups. Nevertheless I have to thank Saori for the great time that we spent together, for all the memories that we share, for all the moments in loneliness that we enjoyed. We both agree that those three months were really formative in our lifes. 

I love you.

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