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Melbourne - The Happiest Town in the World (Part 1)


Welcome to Sweet Victoria

This is our long term goal! Victoria's jewel is welcoming us. Melbourne is tolerant, Melbourne is open-minded... Melbournians (how the people call themselves) spread the idea of humanity that I call 'healthy'. You can totally feel how the atmosphere affects you. It is the town that I was told it will be the most likeable one around Australia for me. You can say that I have worked for the moment I arrive here my whole Australia journey. For anybody who can't imagine the distance that I have traveled for the last month, here the route for you. So please let me introduce you my favourite town down under.

Because the dates are not important in this chapter, I rather order my pictures in topics this time. Explanations follow later...

First you're going to see our sharehouse that we live in for the next two weeks.
First we thought that this is it...
Let's say these are the highlights.
This is how our suburb looks like, small lovable shops across the street.

Asking more for fun than seriously we went into a massage studio to ask for a job for two weeks. Hit the spot! The guy was super nice and trains us everything he knows and even lets us practice with customers. A life-task is going to be fulfilled!

Because we are working here during the week, there is no issue to write down dates. Some days a lot of things happened and some days were just like the other one.

Week 26 - 16.03.16
Oh yeah... week 27 as well - 21.03.16
The Federation Square - Melbourne's cultural centre
Everyday something is going on there!

In the heart of the Fed Square there is the Australian Centre for Moving Image, a museum which is full of digital media, games and things you can try out. You can barely guess what loads of money all this stuff must have costed. I didn't go there just once... and this is a great statement when I speak of a museum.

Melbourne's architecture, what I love about it is the variety of styles... old and new... eastern and western style. It's unreal what has formed here. Especially the bizarr shape of some buildings lead to the impression that a lot of money was invested to create some individual artwork.

Melbourne's old treasory building

The Shot Tower - A building in the centre of a mall!?
We passed it coincidently in the night, shocked about the silhouhette of the giant that appeared in front of us. This was completely unexpected!
Melbourne's pride - St. Paul's Cathedral
Long time for me not being in a church... for Saori it's the first time!

 When I entered Melbourne I couldn't even imagine what it has prepared for me. On each corner there are new things to see. Even every single shop has its individual style. If I weren't so busy with my job here and lazy as crap then I would spend more time walking around and getting fascinated by the flair of Melbourne. Although this inactivity gives me the feeling to be a local somehow. I enjoy myself a lot right now. So guys, wait for the next chapter which unveils new secrets of the lovely city of Melbourne!

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