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Melbourne - The Happiest Town in the World (Part 2)


Stay Cool - Stay Wicked

This is the message of a short movie presented at the public cinema of the Fed Square. It touched me. I reflected my own childhood after it and told myself: "You can't let the same things happen to your children!" Back in my hometown it was often said that being different has its disadvantages in life, not very often the bright sites were showed. "Have the courage to show your true self", this is what you can do in Melbourne.

First I will show you some more city atmosphere. We are going to start with the world's most beautiful street art. The city supports artists to spread their ideas.

Almost vanished... like a chameleon!
Let's become part of the Melbournian Crowd! What's going on here?

My fortune will be told!
Flying shoes... not a rare view in Melbourne.
Even to fast for flashlight photography... the drummer "lousy with mines" deserves a recommendation! Check out his facebook page!
Music at every corner, artists everywhere... Melbourne definetely fits your taste whatever it is. 
Historic tram that likes to tell you facts about each station.

Oh yeah, one of Melbourne's peculiaritys is that the buildingsalways look smaller from outside. The best example is the main visitor centre at Fed Square. 
Aaand this is the underground level.

I found little Germany!!

 The Melbourne Museum - Everything that a museum could be about
 You could spend a whole day in there, but we only went there for half an hour, because it's free.

We felt like inventing new Pokemon's.
Gotta catch 'em all!

Later heading to the cinema for the new BatmanvSuperman movie... the museum is in the same builing.


This is the highest skyscraper in Melbourne... read the script that's sealed in the stone, it is ironically funny!

Big events take place in Melbourne throughout the year. From March to April there is the Comedy Festival which invites people from all over the world.

 We got two tickets for free!!
Volunteers will be asked to come up to the stage to get hypnotized.

The people first should relax and listen to the instructors voice to do some tasks later on... this guy seemed to fall into a deep subconcious journey.
As the sun goes down the hectic people slow down and find their peace in bars or restaurants. Melbourne's atmosphere changes...
Japanese-English-Hangout: Lots of Japanese people want to find some friends they can improve their English with.  
Beer served with a teapot.

The tallest Japanese girl I have ever met!

First time in a Korean restaurant.
Karaoke bar... with old and new friends.

This restaurant deserves a special reference! The pay-as-you-like system is established here. The result is a fresh atmosphere with a good feeling that the people leave you behind.

Lentil as anything welcomes volunteers who want to help out for a couple of hours. I promise that this experience is definetely worth it.
Urban possums
That's how we Germans call it!


 Last impressive thing was a great view of the city on top of the skyscrapers... NOT Eureka, because 20$ for a few pictures is insane.


Apparently me and Saori got sick so we couldn't enjoy the last days so much. But I liked to feel being a part of Melbourne and I can say for sure that I want to come back here someday.
Now there is not much time left. At the end of April I will leave for Chile, so there will be only two more main goals to visit in Australia until my short trip is finished here: Sydney and Tasmania. Dreams are going to come true for both, me and Saori. First we will head to the southest part of Australia. I am curious how the view differs from the main island.

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