Back in Melbourne!! - Feel Good World Trip

Back in Melbourne!!


Prologue of the last Adventure in Australia

The next days Saori and I live under very spontaneous circumstances. We planned to walk around in Melbourne and then leave in the evening, then decided to stay one night at a friend's place which didn't work out in the end... I somehow felt like a homeless and didn't like the idea to involve Saori in this. After all we had a lot of fun together, even though we (and by we I mean me) carried the luggage with us the whole time.

We start our trip after a lovely night at Melbourne airport.

Tax return, first one in my life... and then in Englisch!
 One guy clumsier than the other, that's Saori and I. She lost her mobile phone.

 The Exhibition and Convention Centre, where nothing is going on right now... nice building though!
 ... So why not infiltrating it and doing some childish things?

 The second building of the Exhibtion Centre...

 ... Favorizing as a sleeping place.
 In the evening we head to Chinatown and enjoy some Japanese and Taiwanese Cuisine.

Taiwanese desserts... ridiculously awesome!

Yeah... we had to sleep outside...
 Harvest starts in Melbourne!
 Macro chess in front of the Victorian library... this is no playground for hobby player like me.

After I stayed here for one more time my wish to live here someday was refreshed. Evene though it was kind of pointless to stay here for one more night, because we only have got a little bit more than a week left for the largest town of Australia: Sydney. I don't expect much from it, because I already found my favourite spot in Australia. I will be surprised...

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