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The End of the Roadtrip


Unexpected Twist

After we had finished the coast line of south Western Australia with Esperance as its final town, we headed north to Norseman to enter the great Highway that connects the boarders. It is the only way to get to South Australia (what we just learned when we were in Esperance).
I was nervous, as soon as we passed Norseman there was nothing but the Outback and a few fuel stations for over a 1000km. I asked myself, what if we are stuck in the middle of nowhere and nobody helps us?
On the other hand I was curious about the things we will see on our way. This is pure wilderness - Welcome to the Nullabor!


Plenty of time to learn languages on the road.
One of the world's longest straight roads.
This is how gas stations can look like.
Those signs are placed all over Australia's roads... it seems that somebody has changed the scale and tries to frighten innocent people!

A very rare view: A waterplane carried through the outback.

We were able to let almost 1000km behind us in 1 day. We reached a treeless place called the Nullabor Plain which is the last part of our great road.

After a long driving session we came up with some stupid ideas as a compensation.  

Head of the Bight - Whale watching in Winter and cliff diving every year!
After a bit more than 24h we reached the Quarantine border to South Australia in Ceduna. We literally rushed through the Nullabor.
And then it happened. I crushed my car at a high kerb after a roundabout. I didn't pay enough attention and smashed one of the sumps below the motor. The red-brown oil bleeded out from Gisela and covered the street as if I ended the life of a person. 
Is there still hope for her? Let's wait for the answer of the mechanics.
Luckily we are allowed to stay over at the parking area. Nice people live in Ceduna.

There is nothing we can do for Gisela, The reperation would cost the double amout of what I payed for the car. The decision is hard, but we have to say goodbye to our beloved vehicle.

At least I was able to sell all unimportant stuff in a second-hand shop... for a really good price.
It is time to travel further in the style of a normal backpacker again. It's kinda hard to leave such a reliable companion behind. Many people said that it is not sure what happens with her during the trip. Some vouched for the definite failure of the car when it gets a bit more rough for it. We passed thousands of kilometers, one of it in almost one day. After these adventures I can tell for sure now that this vehicle would have been able to drive us to Melbourne and even further. I am so sad that it ended here already!

Couldn't sell the water canister^^

 Finally arrived in Albany. This city is almost as big as Perth. Here you see Chinatown.

Our hostel at Port Adelaide... with electronic reception staff, organizing everything from the Philippines.

 Adelaide is famous for its various food culture and churches. The atmosphere is something special here.
 Today is Japanese style our decision for dinner, after that a desert at a Chinese restaurant. If we wanted, we could do this every single day.

 At last we found a Japanese bar that offers different kinds of Sake. We couldn't resist not to go there for a drink.

 The best part for me is the Fringe Festival. When I heard that it is here in Adelaide I completely freaked out! Here is even more going on than in Perth.

 The Royal Crocket Club. That's the main attraction here.
When you think it couldn't even get better, they come with a party bus!

I have to say that in the end I am happy that all these bad things happened, because now there are some positive experiences that we face because of that. Saori impressed me a lot. She stayed even calmer than me and showed me a way to enjoy my trip more. I thank her for that. Further I'm kinda happy that we skipped all that parts inbetween, because sometimes I had the feeling that we could have more fun at the bigger events that are in Adelaide and Melbourne. The roadtrip was a wonderful part of my journey through Australia and I'd be happy to do it again someday. For now, let's calm down and play some crocket.

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