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Natural Wonders

After the romantic Margaret River region we headed to Pemberton to enter the south coast of Western Australia. What we saw were unexpected forms of landscape that definetely blew my mind. I'd love to share this story with you guys!  

Pemberton is a little city which is famous for the "Gloucester Tree", which was modified for visitors to climb on it.

Oops, somebody lost his jacket on his way to the top!

Colourful birds everywhere!
We did it!
Who else thought that Australia is just a desert?
After Pemberton we rushed to Walpole to see the biggest living tingle tree in the world. A lot of these trees are highly damaged because of bush fires. It's a miracle that those trees have survived!
And that is supposed to be the Giant Tingle Tree.
OHHH! It's that one!! How can it still live!? Just imagine this tree would be a man, split in half from his lower body to his heart...

After a day with lot's of trees we decided to skip the rest on our way to Albany and head to it directly to check in at a hostel. We were tired of sleeping in our car. :D In the end I'd recommend to visit Denmark and the Elephant Rocks before.

Welcome to Albany!
Even though this picture might tell the opposite fact, but it is cold and rainy like in Germany here.
The city has an old-fashioned flair. It was found before Perth in WA but remained small. The outcome is a special attention to tradition and history.

 The first time I watched a ballet play.
 The reconstruction of a ship that sailed from Sydney to WA for expeditions. Before that it had gone around half of the globe before.

And guess who the amazing captain of that wonderful sailing vessel was!
Crew members must have loved this place!

Museum visit... of course the Aboriginal culture took part at the history of Albany as well.
Shopping for the upcoming colder temperatures.
An old-fashioned typewriter, first person I've seen who uses it.

Picnic at the Wind Farm. WA is about to establish renewable energy sources which makes views like this quite special here. I had to smile benignly about it.^^ 

Today we headed to the Frenchman Bay south from Albany city. WA has beaches that could keep up with the Caribbean ones. 
Can you see the normal ant left above the big red one? I was bitten by one of these and it hurt a lot!

 A landscape that suffered from bushfire, fissured cliffs and the sea shining in various colours... altogether this is something you can only see in Australia.
The gaps between the rocks can form wind that literally blows you away. I stepped above one of those wholes on a calm day and felt the immense force.

After we had seen the highlights of Albany we went further west to arrive in Esperance, the town of the Great Ocean Drive and the Pink River.
Saori managed to catch our breakfast.^^
 Here you can see our modified camping cooker. The key element of the engine is the fork.

I scream it out loud: I'm alive!!!

Nature can be so wicked!

And there we are: the Pink River... it's just not visible on the picture!
At last we went to the beach which is meant to be the most beautiful in Australia: Lucky Bay.
... Can this day become even sadder??
Certainly... yes.

Even though we were unlucky with our last spots, the daytrip was really fun. Every single day I wake up I can't wait to go to the next place. Our car has become our comfort zone. In fact I've got pretty lazy to walk. Sometimes I have to motivate myself to get out.^^
Esperance was the last bigger town we will see until Adelaide. The next days will be long for drive and I hope we can have some breaks at interesting places. I'm excited. I want to go further.

Week 23, 06.03.16

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