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Prologue to the Road Trip


Preparing for a new Adventure
It is settled, now I have no doubts that Saori will join me on my journey to Melbourne. I am so excited! But there are still a lot of things to organize. The most important thing is team work. Nothing will work out if we don't harmonize while staying together for a longer time. A coincidence caused a great opportunity to test this out: Saori moved to my hostel. Here we spend every day together and do schedules for belongings like grocery. We are a perfect team.

Week 21; 19.02.16
My beautiful old lady Gisela! 24 year old Toyota Corolla. It will be unsure how it works. So the most important part of the preperations is to find out if anything goes wrong with the engine. Therefore I got everything important about it explained by a friend. What I heard about cars is that they all can come out with unexpected problems up to 2000$. That means that I am pretty smart with my 800$ investment. :D
After all Toyota is meant to be pretty reliable.

I won't leave any comment on this^^
The last weeks I focused on my work and tried to be as successful as possible to make a lot of money for me and Saori. At the end I hit the team leadership. :) 
Week 22; 25.02.16

To make sure that we didn't forget anything we started a test drive to the Nambung National Park so we have the chance to correct any complications when we come back to Perth. I was so damn excited. At the day we wanted to start there were some important things missing, for example an extra water tank in the case of having no civilisation for a long time. Also we had no car insurance. The most shocking thing: Our wheel fixing equipment was missing! We just realized it by chance. That could become really dangerous!
 Saying goodbye to our hostel friends... several times, just to make sure there really get that we will miss them.^^

 There we go one more time: The pinnacles desert! Can you see the white desert beyond it? It's so unreal!

 Cute, isn't it?

 I smell an adventure!
 I am not the only one who likes it. I'd say the test is passed :)

After all I realized that there is not much to prepare. When I think back, I just researched in Google once for dangers in the outback and common preperations for a road trip. The only thing that really became difficult for me is that half of my equipment was stolen in the hostel. Part of it were all my clothes and my expensive outdoor shoes. Luckily the majority of my hostel family was supportive and everybody donated some clothes for me so I had everything back that I need quickly.

So for now Saori and I say goodbye to Perth. You guys wish us a save trip!

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