Adelaide - The Capital of South Australia - Feel Good World Trip

Adelaide - The Capital of South Australia


The Second Month of the Australia Journey

I have spent so much time here already and yet I haven't come very far. Considering the map, the distance between Perth and Adelaide is immense and I am kind of proud that Saori and I achieved our first bigger goal so fast. Now it is time to stay longer at some places and enjoy the city life.


This is a Japanese convenience store with lots of products I recognise from my journey through Japan. For Saori it's a piece of home brought to Adelaide.
Well, that's a new one!
"Hey, I've got an awesome idea! Let's smash that bottle to get the marble that's inside!"

Did I tell you already that Australian supermarkets sell odd fruits and vegetables very cheap? I like the idea, because it stands for ecological sustainability. We should have that in Germany as well.
Back to the Fringe!
 Crocket is so much fun!
Lots of street artists are located in the big cities.

Week 25
Today is a public holiday whose highlight is the horse race (for bigger towns)

Mostly people are dressed traditionally. I am completely underdressed!
Of course I will bet some money on a horse as well, it's my first time to see a horse race! I'll chip in with one whole dollar!
I won!! By my first bet! That's 4,80$ for me!

Some impressions of our historical neighborhood Port Adelaide.

Today is a great day that makes a longed dream come true: My first Tattoo!
A complete new atmosphere for me. Even though it isn't very spectacular and probably very painful, the experience is it worth after all.
I'm scared!

Finished is the artwork! Kat was so gentle that I almost fell asleep, I really felt comfortable in her hands.

Today we head to one of the oldest German settlement in Australia: Hahndorf. To be honest, I learn some new things about my home country as well, because things that Germans take for granted are explained here like you heard from it for the first time... and I really needed this!

I'm not joking, most of the products are transported by airplane.
A traditional Bavarian style bar.
Beer I've never drunk before...
Hilariously wrong proverbs...
... Aaand Brezel!
This is freakin' awesome... but unfortunately that's everything spectacular of Hahndorf.^^

I got lost on my way home...

 Adelaide was a city with an interesting flair that I really enjoyed. Sadly my hostel and my mates were too good so I spent most of the time there. After all I have to say that the town is definetely worth to visit, unlike many travellers and guide books ignore the brilliance of it. Nevertheless I only have eyes left for Melbourne, the city that is told to be the most interesting city of my Australia journey. Next time you will get the first impressions of the bursting capital of Victoria.

"Pure Heart"
... with a double-arrow on the left side that changes the last Kanjis

The four Kanjis that form a single meaning is an art form of Calligraphy called "Yojijyukugo". The translation is: "Jyunshinmuku". Actually the first two Kanjis or the last two ones would complete the meaning of 'Pure Heart', so there would be no need to write four Kanjis. The reason for this is the aesthetic property of four characters plus the intensifying effect to double mention the message. The arrows were have their origin from a small mistake of my designer who accidentally changed the last Kanjis and ruined the artwork, because the last two ones would no longer have a meaning anymore. Because I didn't see a problem in this mistake I told her to simply indicate a change for the tattooist so the Kanjis will come into the right order again. From that point the artwork was completed. The second message that lies in the arrows is the fact that mistakes always happen, no matter how perfect we try to be. Mistakes are totally okay and should be acknowledged, so people could still grow up, get better and orientate themselves at the perfect, such as Asian pieces of wisdom.

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