Everyday life at Perth - Feel Good World Trip

Everyday life at Perth


A new home down under
Perth sucked me in. Even if I am no citizen of Australia, I kind of feel to be part of its life . It's weird to feel home at the opposite of the world. In this chapter I will show you how I've attained that feeling.
Hungry Jack's (Australian sub partner of Burger King) receipt with validation code for survey. If you do the survey and buy a new product (50ct minimum) you will get a burger with a new receipt.

Week 19
City life


This festival goes from January to February and offers loads of programs, mostly subcultural events. It's cool, it's different and it's a good place to meet some friendly locals.

Recommendation from a German friend. I suggest the Pale Ale!
Kings Park - Best view for the sky line

Unfortunately we didn't have any alcohol^^ It's just... I look like that everytime.

Accepting the challenge!
Public cinema at Perth's cultural centre. The Fringe Festival is also located here.

Waterskiing acrobats
Art Gallery of Western Australia
This is the biggest contribution of arts to the world!!
Aboriginal art... That's why I came here *o*

That is a good idea! But I felt kind of bashful so I left it out.
What!? The security does it, too? Ok, that's motivating. I am gonna try it as well! I'll put my whole creativity into this picture!
YES! I am an artist!
Found this old podium. Time for an epic picture!

"(Deleted Scenes) From an untouched landscape"

On my way home - Trying a Chinese Burger

Time for the next step: Applying for a job!

Kakuras Bros - A shop that sells loads of spices and nuts and and and... I love it!

Again at Kings Park
Today I spend my time with Saori, my Japanese romance. A dream has come true *o*

First train trip... with company :D

These are the steps, the experiences that integrated me in the everyday life of Perth. Some procedures simply repeat during the week, for example the Thursday evening at the Mustang bar for the beer and the burger. In the next chapter I will finally start with my new work to save some money for my next trip. 

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