Australia - The first Month - Feel Good World Trip

Australia - The first Month


One month... SERIOUSLY!?
If I consider that I have spent so much time at one small place of Australia I will get a little bit impatient... But I do like the idea of accustoming to the new surrounding first when I go to a new country. When I was in Japan I sometimes had a feeling of rushing too much. So I decide to calm down and enjoy my time as much as possible.

First day at my new job: Fundraising! Here I will improve my English so hard by quick talks with the locals.

26.01. is Australia Day. A lot is going on today.
Firework at the end of the day.

Sadly we were too late to enjoy the main attractions. But hey, why should we long for bouncy castles or climbing walls when we have THIS!!

Week 18
Workout with Saori... can you see her joy? :D

On our way to the casino... like a boss!
These machines bored the sh** out of me! How can people enjoy this?

That is what I call a real gamble!
Promotion from "lotterywest": How would it feel like if you were rich? :D
#Set for the next round of massages
Picture of a suburb's train station... just for those who couldn't imagine the look of it.
Week 19

Harrison Island - Now it is open!

Best prank ever^^
Sunset pictures will never get boring <3

Conference with the fundraiser group
This guy is known as the best fundraiser all over the world. Ronan signed 44 people up in one day and keeps his standards to show the people how easy it is to approach pedestrians. I worked with him for one day and my horizon has expanded so much from his inspiration!
In the mid of February the Chinese celebrate their new year for two weeks. In Australia the sub folk gets wild and loud and integrates everyone who passes by.
Week 20

Okay to be honest, I want to go to Melbourne now. I can't wait for my next adventure! But I'd rather decide to wait a little longer, so I can travel with Saori together. I will get a car, too... my first one *o*
Soon my first road trip will start!

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