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Welcome to Australia!


Hello Perth!
The last days I've travelled to several climate zones... but nothing was as hard as this! The summer here is deadly. When I arrived at 6a.m. it was already 20 °C and dry. When I enter a new country I always catch the smell of it first. Australia has a very individual smell I can't explain. The impressions altogehter released an overwhelming feeling that wanted me to move immediately. On the map you can see where I start. Which should I take to get to the east?


Hiking tour to my hostel... just 10km, but under the pressure of the heat a total mess.

I completely underestimated the heat and also my feet hurt a lot for some reason. And then I found THIS!!! I was so happy about the coincidence!
Building site staff on his break. Aussis are freaking chilled.
The park at Burswood near the centre.

Oh my god what happened to my feet!? Does this blister just come from the hiking tour?
I made it to my hostel and catched up on some sleep that I didn't have during my brief stays for the last days. So today I am going to explore the centre of Perth.
This picture is from the supermarket. 

In Australia you need a Native bank account to be able to work and a tax number. Also a phone number would be helpful. To order all these things it takes some time, so I will stay in Perth a little longer. Here you see me waiting for my appointment at the Westpac bank... in an "Aussie-style" shape :D
1€ is about 0,64A$, so this wine is approximately about 17€. That's because of the high taxes in Australia.

After the first days I have realized that I'm completely unprepared. I didn't know about all these things I need and what time it takes to get them. So after some conversations I have decided to expand my time here up to half a year. So I will probably save my next destination for the future, because I want to apply for the university.
Let's see how things will change during the next days.  

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