Prologue of the next Adventure - Feel Good World Trip

Prologue of the next Adventure


Back in Business
After a two-week-break from my worldtrip I have prepared for my next destination: Australia! It's hard to say goodbye again to my friends and family, but things are different now. We all have accustomed to the new situation, the fact of me beeing away for a long time. Especially I have enough knowledge how things are handled abroad now, so there is no need to be frightened like the last time... Or are my preperations not enough this time? Let's find that out together!

Duesseldorf Airport. The next days I will hang out a lot at places like this.
This pose... let's say they have used the space effectively^^

 I love SIXT-advertisement! :D
Let's see if I can exchange my last Euros :D
... Didn't work^^
I don't know why people have to hurry up everytime to get into the airplane... I mean, that is stressful! 

After a 10h flight and a skip 7 time zones I can watch the sunrise at Beijing Airport in China <3
 This is my hostel in Tokyo. Typical Japanese... my backpack blockades the floor^^


I've only got one day left in Tokyo before I have to head to Sapporo for my airplane to Australia. So better spend my time for some sightseeing!
 I've met these Greek girls by chance. Together we explore some new corners of Tokyo.
The Tsukiji Fish Market is famous all over the world.

WOW!! It's just a head!

 What an amazing view! Time for some amesome portrait pictures :D

 When I moved back to my hostel I stopped at Starbucks. Next to me there are two girls, talking about me... because most of the Japanese think, I can't speak their language. HAHA, surprise!! Oh yes, the left girl is pointing at a picture of nobody less than Justin Bieber :D
A short trip to Akihabara to buy an Australian adapter for my plug.
Look at this great invention!! Japan is so hightech!
Actually I planned to go to Sapporo by train, but it would take 35h... OK, rather take the airplane! I should have prepared more^^
 Week 17... I think I have skipped one or two weeks accidentally...
 This is my hostel in which I only stay for a few hours to sleep. Believe me guys, this hostel was great!

 I will miss that "capsule-style"

Look at all that snow!! Hokkaido is a place I really want to visit again.
 The advertisement I've seen during my whole Japan trip... I never realized that this means in other terms: "Sapporo is still on it's way to be integrated to national public transport. It takes a fucking long time to get up there!" This Shinkansen route will get in charge at March. There is no need to explain how I feel :D
 A new comrade at the airplane.
 Best advertisement! :D

A stopover in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). A break of 7h at the airport? Forget it! Let's explore a new country!
And look who's is going to escort me! My new friend Shirley (which is obviously not her real name, people with Chinese names always invent English nicknames, because nobody is able to pronounce their real ones).
 This is one more possibility how Malay people can look like. The country has it's influences from India and China, it's a colourful multiculture.
Before we head to the city Shirley brings her luggage to her home. This is how the entrance looks like.
 Don't be confused, it doesn't mean that every house in Malaysia looks like this.
Kuala Lumpur!!
 These are called "Twin-Towers".

 This is the view people from smaller towns always have when they are in bigger cities :D
 Surprisingly they use Roman letters.

 Time to get dinner. What do you think the food in Malaysia is like? Find it out on the next pictures!
People eat outside all year long.

 Every waste lands on the table. The rest should be kept on the plate to keep it clean.
Every 5min there comes a street vendor and offers you different things... mostly glowing toys *o*
 So here comes the answer: Malaysian food is spicy combined with all other flavours you could imagine: sweet, sour, savoury, ...
The reason lies in the cultural influences from China and India which mix up with the original Malay cuisine.
 Salty lime juice and watery beer... yummi!

 The time has passed away so fast! Now I have to go back to the airport. 
The tropical country was an amazing experience and I am so glad that I once again took part of a miracle: An amiable human beeing who shared her world with me and filled my heart with love (and my stomach :D). 
Thank you Shirley!

So now my next destination is only a few hours away from me... waiting to be explored! Australia, I'm coming!

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