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Australia - The first Week


Lay Back and Enjoy
One week has passed and I've already settled down in Perth. Slowly I expand the radius from my hostel and get know of new things every day. It's the same behaviour that I had on my first days in Japan. I feel like beeing on vacation here. Aditionally I try to attempt the laid-back everyday lifestyle of the Aussies I envy. 

That geek travels through Australia to have duals with his Yu-Gi-Oh cards... he's so cool!!

!Week 18!

Nearly the whole hostel moves to the Mustang-bar today.

Aussie-style... actually pretty American if you ask me.

A beer and a burger for 3,50€!? GIVE ME SIX OF THEM!!

Lot's of Japanese are around here, it's like Japan went with me to Australia <3

Yes, they are established here...

Today I head to the job office with a friend, because we are too lazy to look for work on our own :D
Here is the story: A friend from my home country saw me passing her on the street, we didn't even know that we are traveling through Australia! The world is so small!! I had so much fun with Luise :)

Dinner at a typical Australian restaurant... with Chinese influences.^^

Today went for some poker at a friends apartment.

The rest of the Kangaroo barbecue <3

First time at an Australian beach, I'm so excited!

Going out at midday, even with sunscreen I had no chance to protect my skin from sunburn.

At last I've got some pictures from my hostel for you... it is the worst I've ever paid for. But the bad internet connection leads to more interaction between people, the uncomfortable accomodation wants me to go out and explore Perth. Besides, I think the trashy style is kind of inspiring.

Even if I enjoy my time with all the people surrounding me, I have one more task to fulfil: getting a job, so I could earn money for the capability of doing even greater things. 

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