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Okinawa - The Dream Island (Part 3)


The Peak of my Japan Journey

The last time I've become part of a miracle. Ayumi saved me from trouble, because I lost my wallet. It turned out that my bank company wasn't able to deliver money so fast. That's why I was dependent on Ayumi during my whole stay. I didn't feel to be restricted in my freedom but to get a deeper view in the way of life of Okinawans. It was like being on one of my hiking tours: Every day I've seen new things, even though I stayed in the capital Naha for the whole time. Actually I've planned to see more of the island, but... who needs plans? :D

I'm so damn tired. Okinawans don't sleep much. That's why I look for a place to rest in public after Ayumi leaves for school. Today I go to a park which is behind the Prefectural Museum. Looking for the most comfortable place I pass a lot of elderly who do their morning workout. How cool is that!? Look at that 80-year-old lady!!

In the evening Ayumi and I meet up with all English teachers of Naha at an All-You-Can-Eat-Restaurant. They are a good company. The Okinawan way of life is chilled
 Personally invited by Livia <3
Those kids are from the other side of the wall :D
 Presents for every participant, even for me and I wasn't planned for the evening!

 'Sanshin': A traditional Okinawan instrument with 3 strings. I could play it *o*

Week 12; 04.12.15
Today is weekend, which means we do things the whole time (Ayumi is very energized).
 First of all: Lunch

... Yes, Japanese do it like that! :D
"I can't wait to go to the next place!"

Welcome to a US military base. It's like a holiday camp. Opened for public.

In the evening straight ahead to the sunset with a paddleboard.

Suddenly we were kicked out off Ayumi's home by her parents :D Instead of letting me camp outside again, Ayumi rather wants to stay at an expensive hotel with me. She is amazing, or what do you think?

Because it was too late for an alternative we chose a 'Love Hotel'. Yes, that ones couples use for having sex :D It was hilarious to bring her up with that fact! But of course we didn't do anything there :)
I won't leave any comment for this :D
Today we head to one of Ayumi's favourite places: Kudakajima.
 I loooove ferries!

We explore the small island by bike
The vegetation is something I've never seen before. And I find bugs that are as big as my palm.
 Ayumi always comes here when she wants to escape the everyday life.

After Kudakajima we headed to the Peace Memorial Museum of Okinawa. The massacre in the Second World War was a even more cruel than the incident at Hiroshima. Approximately 200.000 people were slaughtered slowly instead of an immediate death. The loss was dramatically high for all participants. Because the Japanese treated the Okinawans like enemies, the Okinawans don't want to be compared to the betrayers from the mainisland until today.

This was a shortcut of the visit. I didn't have time to take pictures there. Sorry for that.
In the evening another All-You-Can-Eat! <3
This was my work!

With the end of this Sunday the big adventure of Ayumi and me comes to its final. I can't stay any longer with her and she has to work on Monday. I refuse to stay in another hostel at her expenses. I rather camp outside again for the last nights at Okinawa. She gave me so much during my stay that I feel guilty now. On the other hand I am so damn thankful. Ayumi influenced me positively. I have found a friend I definetely want to see again!

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