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Okinawa - Die Trauminsel (Part 1)


The Japanese Mallorca

Since my childhood, I dream to travel to Okinawa. Here was Karate originated. For every Karate Kampfkuenstler this trip the purest fulfillment. Here the strongest and most experienced Masters live with the highest echelons. My goal is very clear: I want a training session to witness! Whether I get to and what things are otherwise still play at the party island you learn here. For now, even the geographic location of the subtropical island. Through out scroll you can see that a large distance to the main island there; Airplanes need about 2 hours down. The journey begins in my farewell to the Santiago family in Hiroshima ... 

Bento on the go, gift from boss <3
One chapter is hereby completed. I miss the people in Santiago Hostel!
 From Hiroshima it comes to the southernmost of Japan's main island Kyushu. Here is the route for you. On the JR Kyushu (Japan Railway) Company is self-contained. She has modernized everything.
Arrived at Hakata, I pick out a place to sleep in order to bridge the time until my flight the next day. Wohlbemerkt, it is the end of November! Here it is slow too cold to camp.
 So that no one falls on the rails :)
 Every time an exciting feeling!
 Glad I found Meinohama! Now the only question is still where Deinohama is ...
The night I found a parking garage, which protected me from the rain. The next morning I'm woken up by the friendly staff and noted that this irritates the customer. On top, they gave me two more coffee for the onward journey !? What a horny Paedagogik! In Germany, that would be the employees do not even have dreamed of. I celebrate Japan so much for its incredible charity!
 The place is called "Chopsticks": D
 Fukuoka Airport, very spartan. Flat ceilings and Bueroatmosphaere. Strange feeling...
 A lumpiger receipt as air ticket as a supplement: D
 Arrived in Okinawa capital Naha, we are led to Gepaeckabholung. All things were worn in the hallway. On the picture you see crafted luggage to illustrate: D

 After the Second World War, the military has made here wide. 70% of US stations in Japan are located on this small island. That plate and a further kilometer fence stretched right after the airport. Not a pretty picture ...

Okinawa vegetation looks completely different from Japan its from, most buildings are white. The people do not look Japanese. By these countless differences I cling Okinawa as part of Japan from mentally.
 Week 11

 Christmas here has almost German summer temperatures.

 Okinawa special Sake <3
 Momo-chan, my first Okinawa-girlfriend. She works in the single bar of Okinawa Karate, which I found by chance on my way.
The Chef, James, promises me to use his connections and to bring me a karate lesson. That it is so easy, I did not think! On Okinawa Help is written not only large, which is essential difference from Japan that here everyone is a part of a great family.
 Habushu - Sake, which is made from snake venom. A Speciality.
 I am here for one day and have already gained quite a lot of new friends now. Is this luck? No, that's Okinawa!

In the morning jogging to the beach. The autobahn you do not get 'almost' with: D
 The water is crystal clear here! <3
 Learn Japanese after three months I take now finally my courage and speak to someone with the intention to do something together, with the conscience that I bring a little conversation about. And that's the story of my new girlfriend Yuka-chan from Osaka.
 Together we go to Shuri Castle, the palace of the king of Okinawa (formerly Ryukyu Kingdom). Japan and Okinawa are on the edge of Asia. However Ryukyu was between 14C. And 16C. Mart. It was his heyday.

 That's the Shuri Castle
 Extremely expensive to go in just to have. Therefore, I've found a few good hideout for pictures ^^

 For evening Okinawa Specialty: Soba (noodles, which I also tried at the beginning of my journey to cook). Without Yuka-chan, I would never have come to this place. The kanji would put me off: D

 Retro Style, just authentic!
 Here we have Okinawan donuts (lumps of dough), but taste really good!
 I won! This Pikachu perfectly represents the Okinawa stereotypes.
 That was not even the strongest Pokemon in the store. The cards are übelst strong compared to the very old!
 The local beer, it has German influences.

In the morning, accompanied by traditional Okinawan music. The songs here sing of harmony and peace. This island exudes a unique harmony.
 Again new friends met on the beach, just invited <3
 Gemuesechips !?
 In the evening, it was pouring and my shoes have submitted through the wetness color ^^

 After three nights in this empty field I was informed on Monday morning by a couple of teachers from the adjacent high school about this place. He is holy and shows the ruins of a former residence of the Prince of Ryukyu. This story has weitererzaehlt natural and led after a week about my new acquaintances actually back to me! Here nothing is really secret! The island is still not soo small: D
 Trek to Arakaki dojo, my first training session starts today * o *

 A typical Okinawan grave. That costs a lot of money yet!
 My dojo ... The gyms are very small here.
 Here an entire cemetery with these Riesengraebern.
 One of them should be my current sleeping place.

 My Sensei. Here I work as a complete beginner.
I and the black belts. The training was really tough.
Here are the names of 'family members' written down.

And this lovely Okinawa Lady has saved me from the probably largest misery of my trip. More on this in the next chapter!

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