Japan - The Last Moments - Feel Good World Trip

Japan - The Last Moments


The first Quarter of my Worldtrip
I really can't believe what happened during all that short time. I learned things I never imagined they would exist. I begin to review the latest incidents at Okinawa and remembered the first impessions the further I got to Tokio. The last days of my trip I visited Kansai again and then headed to Tokio quickly.

Ayumi and I met at the Dojo Bar again. She showed me letters from her pupils and asked me to write a letter for them, too. We decided to let them know about my further journey by sending pictures and videos. I will miss Ayumi so much!

Opening hours^^
Ayumi even brought me to the airport! When I land at Kansai airport at 1 a.m. there are no more trains that take me to Osaka.
At least I've got got company.

In the morning to Starbucks...
... Cause Ayumi gave me this Starbucks-Card with 40€ on it. "Just in case", she said... THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING!!
Osaka... So much feels!

Nikolai, a friend I met in Hiroshima. I can stay two nights with him <3
 A brief view into his fridge... cute, isn't it?

 My mission: To get Christmas presents for my family and friends.

 "I hate my life." :D
 Another great invention of Japan: When you put your wet umbrella into this machine it will be coated with plastic.
 Something more about the everyday life in Japan: These signs show where the doors of which car will exactly open.
This is the 13th week
Back in Kyoto, visit another friends I met in Hiroshima.

Today I meet Tanja again. It was such a long time! We don't know where to start with our story.
That is a photo machine. You can edit the pictures that you look cute. After we where inside there I looked like the woman next to me.
Buying a kimono for my girlfriend. Tanja helped me to find the right size :D
Yesterday I went to Tokyo by train. Today I collect the last present in Takeoka, the place where I started my first hiking tour to Mt. Fuji. God, so much has happened since then!
Remember this place? This is the lone hotel Tanja and I visited.
Time to hunt for some treasures! This place is so eerie...

Shopping is finished :D
Oh yeah, I've forgotton to show a traditional house. Here you are :)
Let's go back to Tokio, where everything began.
My Hostel
These origamis were placed at the reception.
A new German friend.
An old German friend! Remember Michelle? What a miracle :D

The last day: A hiking tour through Tokio. I've seen so many cool places! Unfortunately I hadn't have time to take a brief break, because my plane departs soon. To be honest, I didn't managed to walk the whole route. But I was close^^
This parfume always causes trouble at airports... WHY!?
 Chinese airports are strict, I have to sacrifice my lighter :(
Are they going to insult us Germans?
Germany!! I'm so damn lucky. My friend Harry caught me up. He is the only one who has known that I come back :D
It's so damn easy to do things in my home country!
A good place to say goodbye to Japan: A Ramenrestaurant. <3
I'm on my way to Hamburg to surprise my girlfriend. I'm sooo excited. I can't wait to see her again!

This is week 14.
And there she is! Tears poured out of the eyes she couldn't believe anymore what they are showing her. No words could explain the situation. Her body was shaking.
Even though I'm in Germany I get to see new things that impress me. My eyes have become more attentive.

I actually wanted to help as a volunteer for refugees today, but the agency was closed today by chance. Classic situation for me :D
At least I've got to an event where charity organisations and volunteers meet to present their ideas and cooperate in the future.

Thousands of people came to this place!
After the event I meet up with Sophie and her parents. Together we enjoyed the Hamburg nightlife.

Today we visited the giant Christmas market. But the highlight of the day was inthe evening when I finally got to my home and surprised my family.
Some things have changed. We've got a new car! <3 And there wasn't a seat left for me,,,
Family Look reunited!!

A lot of things have happened. The time doesn't stand still in Germany. I had to accompany myself to the new circumstances. But the one who has changed the most is me. That means I had to sacrifice some things of my life. I feel sad about the loss of the things I loved...
Some things haven't changed and give me strengh and stability. It is good to realize the power of the bonds my family and I have...

All these things move me to a certain direction. I wonder where it goes. But I'm concious that the future will bring good fortune for me. It's in my hands. As long as I accept the changings and also stick to my roots I will master my journey called life. And I know it is just about to begin! For now it is time to rest and regain strengh for the next part: Australia! I can't wait to be there. But for now let's have a deep breath and enjoy the warmth of the family for Christmas I have longed for,

Week 14, 26.12.15

See ya!

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